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Emmy Yuhassarie
President Commissioner

Sachimasa Hirono
Moriaki Tanabe
Latest News

Handing Over of Posyandu Construction, Footpath and Mini Bridge at Ponot Waterfall, Tangga Village

Inalum Power Plant in it's CSR program for public facility, handed over 1 (one) Posyandu construction and had built a footpath and mini bridge on Ponot Waterfall that also located in Tangga village that was simbolically handed over to District of Aek Songsongan's officials. The handing over was done on Tuesday, July 23rd 2013, took place around the construction's location.



INALUM's SUMMER 2013 Attracts The Surrounding People

Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Inalum) had re-executed it's Indonesian Independence Day Celebration or known as SUMMER (Suasana Memeriahkan Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia). Just like the previous years, SUMMER 2013 was held on Tanjung Gading Residential area, home to most Inalum's employee with highlight event on Sunday (8/9).



INALUM Meet and Greet Attended By Surrounding Stakeholders

Still in the spirit of Idul Fitri 1434 H, Inalum had re-established its annual meet and greet event between Company's Director and Managerial Board with surrounding stakeholders and Muspika/Muspida in the Regency of Batu Bara. The event that was held on Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) Tanjung Gading (12/08) is an annual agenda that specifically designed as a media of hospitality with surrounding communities that represented by it's stakeholders.


Opening of SUMMER 2013 Went Festive and Attended By Thousands of People

On August 17th 2013, Indonesians welcomes the 68th Independence Day of Indonesia. Merry atmosphere was felt in many places, including Inalum that had launched it's Suasana Memeriahkan Hari Kemerdekaan (SUMMER) 2013 that was opened on Friday (16/8), 8 PM WIB at Tanjung Gading soccer field.